How to gain weight on arms in 2018

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How to gain weight on arms?

This article How to gain weight on arms? is for all those thin people who are pissed off by all the ridicule and stupid names that people call because you’re skinny. Do not worry because We are here to guide you.

gain weight on arms


Directing your body to gain fat in a particular area is impossible, because your body has a set pattern for the weight gain that is genetically determined. If your arms and legs seem disproportionately thin, fill them with healthy muscle tissue, instead of fat. Although increasing muscle mass requires work, you can use exercise to stimulate growth in certain areas. Add healthy calories to your meals and snacks, as well as spend concentrated time in the gym lifting weights

If you are skinny and have small arms and want to gain weight with your arms & How to gain weight on arms  you should follow some guidelines.


  1. Take 4-5 meals a day and eat till your tummy says ENOUGH.
  2.  Eat healthy and fresh food. Avoid canned eatables.
  3. Take more proteins and less carbs.
  4. Take natural sugary things instead of artificial sugar or it would be better to shift on canderel.
  5. Shift to olive oil right away.
  6. And don’t forget to take minerals and vitamins


You can build your arms at home too with weights and dumbbells. This would help to make your arms stronger.

  1. Initially start with lighter weights. As jumping to heavier ones would cause pain in your arms.

2.After doing some practice with the lighter ones move on to the heavier ones.

3.Work on your biceps and triceps.

4.Do stretching and work on your shoulders as well.

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5.You don’t always have to do with weights you can have a leg day, chest day and arm day.


You can gain weight by How to gain weight on arms at home”. There are some exercises from which u can build your arms without any weight or dumbbell. Here are some of exercises which will help you to build good muscles.

  1. Squats


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2.Pull ups

Image result for pull ups

3.Push ups

4.Walking lunges


5.Triceps dips

Image result for tricep dips

6.Plank taps

Image result for plank taps

7.Lateral plank walks


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